Embedded Software Developer

Company Name:
StrategicIO, LLC
Position Type:
We are looking for Junior to Senior Embedded Developers with a passion to innovate, learn, and break stuff in the process. Candidate will join a seasoned team of offensive security experts at a defense contracting start-up dedicated to solving complex technical problems in support of critical missions. Pay and benefits are extremely competitive and job satisfaction is second to none.
US Citizenship with an active TS/SCI required.
Development Background
Solid ASM & C/C++ language experience.
Debugger experience (gdb, IDA Debugger, WinDbg, kd, Olly)
Experience developing for Linux operating systems (user or kernel space)
Ability to troubleshoot bugs & inspect/analyze crash dumps and kernel panics
Unit and regression testing experience
Python scripting/programming experience (not a must but will help)
Experience with Agile or DevOps development methodologies
Security Skills
Reversing and disassembly skills are a big plus (MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, x86)
Can describe common exploitation vectors and vulnerability types (BOF)
Knowledge of common OS security mitigations (authentication, ASLR, SEHOP)
Some experience using open source offensive security software (Metasploit, CANVAS, Core Impact)
Virtualization Experience
Able to administer virtual devices (QEMU, VirtualMIPS, VMware, KVM, SPIM)
Comfortable configuring multi-machine virtual networks
Network Knowledge
Understands basics networking concepts (DHCP, subnetting, OSI model)
Demonstrate understanding of socket programming concepts
Ability to analyze documented protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, DNS)
Familiar with packet analyzers

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